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VersionTracker Does RSS (Sensibly)

I have relied for years on VersionTracker (VT) for keeping up to date with the latest updates to software or finding out about new apps for Mac, Windows, and Palm platforms. On a recent visit to another similar site (MacUpdate) I began wondering why these types of sites do not have RSS feeds.

Well VersionTracker has it! First of all, for those (Ten Reasons Why, mezzoblue) (image example of verstion tracjer rss links) that complain about the meaningless links from little orange XML icons, VersionTracker’s RSS icon links first to a page that explains their Feeds as well as a brief intro to RSS and links to RSS readers:

VersionTracker software update listings are available via RSS feeds. Each platform has its own feed featuring the latest 20 items listed for that platform on VersionTracker.

For those unfamiliar with RSS, it is a web standard for publishing news headlines. You can read these feeds with special software and easily embed them into blogs and other web content. With a VT RSS feed and an RSS reader, you can quickly find the latest product updates and short product descriptions without having to open your browser!


Here are the VersionTracker RSS feeds:

Mac OSX –
MacOS –
Windows –
Palm –

Very interesting side note- their Creative Commons license includes the Non-Commercial clause.

A CDB “Good Dog” wag for VersionTracker.

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