Coming Soon: “ecto”, son of Kung-Log

I’ve raved before about Kung-Log, Adriaan Tijsseling’s amazingly sleek Mac OXS application for doing just about all the MovableType composing and editing.

Change is on the way and it is good- Adriaan is at work on a new version, re-named “ecto”. In fact, I am “ecto”-ing this entry now in beta version 0.1.5, and it is packed with even more features, interface refinements, and options to ease the process of MT blogging. This is a closed beta now (I loved Kung-Blog so much I made the requested donation for it, and that was a nice key to get early beta access to ecto), and a public beta version is supposed to be out very soon.

And get this, it should spread wide– there will be a future version for Windows.

Adriaan seems to release a new beta version every other day, so it is on the fast track. I’ll miss the fun of the old name but the new app is getting sweeter and sweeter.

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