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Ari’s Big List of Blog Search Engines

Ari Paparo assembled a longer than you might expected list of web search tools for specifically searching weblogs and/or RSS feeds.

My new theory on blogging is that whenever I can’t find a particular piece of information on Google I should just create it myself. What’s the point of all this easy-to-use publishing technology if you don’t publish stuff, right?

You’ve got everything from Bligz, Blogdigger, Bloghop, Fastbuzz, Pepys, yadda, yadda, down to Technorati and more. As if we needed it, but one more sign of the spread of the blog meme. I have generally found Feedster one of the more useful, but have yet to poke around many of the others listed here…

And you gotta like a guy who blogs “I am King of the World” (for being top of a google search on a typo??)

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