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I Missed the RSS Winterfest

These winters in Arizona are tough. Some days the temperature drops into the mid 60s.

Likewise was my vain attempt today to tune into the RSS Winterfest. Every attempt use the link provided by the automatic email registration message, took me to a promising entry lobby, but every click of “Launch Presentation” resulted in a “session expired or not found” message. Same for Mac as well as the beige PC box in the corner of my office.

I did get to muck around the conference wiki which seemed to survive a few hundred people editing pages at once. I had even entered my name as a wiki link on the front page, and returned later to see that someone (likely inadvertently) deleted it. That is the way the wiki bounces.

I was hoping to be able to tune in during a dull planning meeting, but no such luck .Later I finally found this page with the apt question: “Are you having trouble logging in to RSS WinterFest?” Yes! Yes! YES! That one worked, allowing me to catch the last rumblings of the closing session.

So I missed Dave’s launch. Oh well, there were some dutiful monks transcribing and I believe it will be posted as an archive. The bit I heard in the background while eating lunch sounded like the rumblings of “How will business and marketing take advantage of RSS?” so rally quickly the wagons as the vultures are circling and smelling good eatin’s.

I think there were some good exchanges and things bantered back and forth, but it will take more wiki wading to figure it out.

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  1. Alan,

    Guess I got lucky! I got to hear all of it…but lots of it was over my head. I missed the second day.

    Maybe one day I will get more of what is being said.

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