Beware of Blogs in Plaid Jackets

While opportunistic greed vultures are circling over RSS, the used blog sales men have set up their hawkster wares down on the corner. Witness BlogToRiche$.com:

Imagine earning an additional income, or more, by doing what you are already doing…BLOGGING!

That’s right, I’ve outlined the basic techniques of how to use your Blog to make money!

And guess what? It’s simple and profitable.

I’ve done it. Heck, I’m doing it as we speak. I’ve taught hundreds upon hundreds of others how to do it too, why not you?

Order Now! Before Midnight! Quick, Opus (for diehard Bloom County fans)! If you order now, you also get the turnip twaddler AND the kitchen salad shooter!!

But let’s turn the volume back up on the sales pitch….. *Read the ACTUAL introduction from the book!)…

Up until recently, blogs were considered to be underground and untapped by the world of money-making opportunities.

Hard-core bloggers maintained (and still do) that blogging is an art, and shouldn’t be exploited into a busiiness medium. To that I say, ‘Pfffht, Wrong!’

It is hard to see how one can argue with such persuasive argumentation and logic like that,

Don;t Worry, this book will NOT contain pages of boring and useless things like the history of blogging and the Internet or other useless facts and opinions.

Well, shoooooot, do not let a few facts or history get in the way of the money machine! Instead, the pages of this “guide: are likely filled with bold formatted proclamations such as:

I’m talking about the financial freedom you’ve always wanted!

This book is about giving you the ability to make money with your weblog, fast.

The acid test- if it was so easy to get rich quick like these hucksters claim, why is the world not filled with wealthy individuals? Barnum’s law.

Coming soon, blogs with neon flashing lights, blogs with strippers, blogs impersonating Elvis.. all the culture that makes the strip mall what it is.

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