I hardly blink while deleting all of the unsolicited crap that hits the e-mail inbox. But just as a throwback, I got a flier in my postal mail at work for “everything you need to know in an intensive 2-day seminar!”:

Centrifugal Pumps:

Troubleshoot and Maintain Centrifugal Pumps- Learn How to Reduce the Amount of Electricity it Takes to Run Your Pumps!

Learn the inside information on why and how pumps are designed.
Examines all of the elements of centrifugal pumps.
Topics will cover how pumps work and how to calculate energy costs for your pump.
The real design differences between major pump types.
Plus how to properly install, care for, and troubleshoot a pump.

And the picture on the cover sure looks like active learning.

Alas, my director did not want to approve this training. And here I have been pumping a lot of #@&$ lately!

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  1. For a while, I’ve thought about creating a spin-off blog called Abject Learning, about worst practices in education. Your recent posts would make ideal contributions to such a collection

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