XPLANA “Courseware Karma” On Graphics…. Karma Shmarma

Wow, XPLANA’s Interface Impact When Developing and Teaching Online Courses :

When using graphics in a course, it is imperative that the graphics match the subject matter they are being presented with. When graphics are either inappropriate (meaning that they either do not correspond with the subject matter or they are culturally biased) they are distracting to learners… I attempt to make the interface more user-friendly by adhering to instructional design models. Material can be presented in a logical order by clearly identifying learning goals, behavioral objectives, and learning strategies.

Next week’s exciting revelation: “The Sky is Blue! (Except at Night when it is Kind of Black!”

Karma?.Nary a link, nary an example, and all the substance of a campaign speech. Clara sez, “Where’s the Beef?”

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