This will likely be a first and last blog entry referencing politics. I might be judged as apathetic, but I do my research quietly, make my decisions, and vote, without foaming at the mouth or making it an obsession. However, after some hasty mulling, I decided to share my summary of the political scene.

We are in blandville. It is like going for ice cream and finding the 31 flavors are slight variations of vanilla. it is like a small town bar where they boast, “we have both kinds of music- ‘Country’ AND ‘Western'”. I feel like I am Charlie Brown listening to his teacher say, “Wahhh wahh waaaah wahh wahhh wahh wahhhh. Wah wahhh waaaaaaah waaah waaaah wawahhhh.”

It’s hardly limited to the nationals- our local city councils, state elections are operating at the same level, but usually with less class and much less polish.

I am not apathetic, I am numb. Anesthetized.

I cannot say it bothers me as there are plenty of other things to absorb my energy, but politics is down past the bottom of the list.

Yes, I would like some Vanilla number 16— no make that Vanilla number 9– in a cup– no in a …. oh never mind.

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