Mysteries Revealed! Inside the MLX (@NMC Mar 9)

I am coming up for air…. gasp…. gasp… This is crunch week for prepping my keynote session at the NMC Online Conference, scheduled for Tuesday March 9.

My Breeze-d up show is called “Mysteries Revealed! Inside the Maricopa Learning eXchange” and should be action packed, irreverent, and over the top. This will be a guided tour top to bottom, from the Executive Washroom down to the folks in the bowels of the database, covering our technologies, several layers of content syndication (by new-ness, discipline, search results, colleges, personal, special collections) and modes (RSS, RSS to JavaScript, Trackback) with detailed examples, a walk through the package creation process, how people are using content, a blustering show by our Marketing folks, a greeting from our CEO, a few tidbits from the crack legal team. See the 6-story high package!

The breeze is might be turning into a I’m already at 70 some screens and nary a bullet point is seen- it’s all pictures, screen shots, code snippets, and me blabbering like an idiot. Well, it will be, if I can finish the audio tomorrow. Each screen has a link to a different MLX package (at that rate, I could do 803 screens ;-)…

There are a few surprises too. “What are they?” It would not be much of a surprise if I spilled the beans, eh?

The program [126k PDF] is chock full of worthy sessions, from Digital Rights to innovation to blogs, and my junk in between. I really, really like the format of this online conference- a good balance and a flexible format for time and communication.

Update: For what it is worth, Breeze took a 70.5 Mb PowerPoint (which I doubt no one would ever download) to a Flash stream of a total of 15 Mb of content, none of which needs downloading.

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