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Happy Suessentenial (Go Ted Go)

Today should be an international holiday, the 100th anniversary of the birth of Theodor Geisel.

Yawn? Better we should have said, the 100th anniversary of the birth of Dr. Suess, that’s right today is the Suessentennial. Who cannot connect with a favorite child hood read? Therefore a re-iteration of an earlier post on this dog’s favorite Suess book (scratch your heads hard to figure out this one!)….

godog.jpg Out of coincidence, I was recently reminded of one my most important, early literary influences. No, not Dickens, not Dostoevsky, not Thoreau… it was P.D. Eastman’s timeless classic, Go, Dog. Go! (GDG).

In fact, I still have a copy of GDG in my office. Not the one I had as a kid, all marked up with crayons, ripped, dried food, and shoddy, no this was one in pristine condition I must have picked up later in fond memory. We were having an office lunch conversation about great books for young kids, and I remembered GDG, and loaned it to a colleague with a child just starting in his own reading adventures.

So yes, the dogs got to me as a toddler. But there are so many parallels between those madcap, partying, busy multi-colored dogs in GDG and the crazy blog world now…

do you like my blog? No I do not!

“Now it is day.
The sun is up.
Now is the time
for all blogs to get up.”Get up!”
It is day.
Time to get blogging.
Go, blogs, Go!

Go, Blog. Go!Go, Blog. Go!
Go, Blog. Go!

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