NMC Online Conference Post…. err…. Mortum?

This morning was the release of my keynote on “Mysteries Revealed! Inside the Maricopa Learning eXchange” at the New Media Consortium Spring 2004 Online Conference. This turned out to be a 52 minute Breeze presentation, weighing in at a 70.5 Mb in authored PowerPoint, but a streaming 15 Mb via Breeze delivered Flash.

At 9:30 Am PST was the scheduled audio teleconference, which is a little of an odd format because the call in participants hear me via the audio telephone bridge, but post questions via the conference chat, and host Larry Johnson relayed them to me. Actually it kind of works well, and was a fast 30 minutes. The audio has been posted to the conference site.

It was good to see some new names and institutions listed in the chat area. I am guessing, but maybe there was disappointment that my vague reference to “franchising” was not the unveiling of a “Download MLX Source Code Here” link. I am hoping there is some more conversation about this.

At least on the fun side, there was an inquiry as to the whereabouts of the MLX tour guide “Biff Cantrell”….

mcli web site (mac browser)
MLX tour guide, Biff Cantrell

I have not seen Biff in a few days, but got an email from him over on the other side of the world, that adventure seeker:

mcli web site (mac browser) mcli web site (mac browser)
Biff the thrill seeker!

With apologies to the legitimate photos [1] [2]

What’s next? The conference “Happy Hour chat” at 4:30

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