Last Friday’s Ocotillo Online Learning Group meeting was the first announcement and access provided to a new experimental electronic portfolio service we are hosting. This is a new installation of the software developed at Chandler-Gilbert Community College— we have set up this new server so that faculty form our other colleges could explore the potential of this new tool.

Our Maricopa eP is running as a virtual host on the same Apple XServe running a handful of MT blogs, the Audree installed the eP software in about 2 hours, she is an amazing programmer. What is interesting about the eP is an inclusion of a simple blog tool inside the portfolio. See some of the Chandler-Gilbert examples.

Some examples include a quick demo I made for myself and that elusive Biff Cantrell just popped open his portfolio.

Another nifty feature is the notion of portfolio “groups” that allows a collection of portfolios to be accessed. You can see a simple example as the group who used the system last Friday were asked to add themselves to a group called OLG— if you search on “OLG”” in the group field from the front page, you can see a quick listing of what people did in about 15 minutes hands on with the eP.

Also cool was my programming wiz Colen quickly coded up a new web front end for our server, what you see for now in the blue and grey theme. Audree is working on some syndication tools for the eP system, so that individual portfolios can have RSS feeds, and the site itself can publish recent changes via RSS (we hope to integrate this into the front page).

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