Faculty ePortfolio

A faculty member I work with has decided to use our experimental Maricopa ePortfolio to create an online portfolio for his Faculty Evaluation Plan review (acronymically known here as “FEP”)- something never done before in what is a byzantine paper bound process.

John Arle teaches online and hybrid biology courses at Phoenix College, and has used his eP to provide the examples documenting his efforts in 2 Anatomy and Physiology courses including examples and desciptions of his syllabus, course schedule, lesson design, use of CDs (ADAM Virtual Dissections, yum!), Self Tests, Vocabulary Lists and INteractive Puzzles, Take Home Tests & Proctored Exams, Gradebook, Communication Examples, Student / Course Evaluation results, and data reports on student retention.

His committee review takes place today, and he informed me that his college President is on the committee and she has easily accessed and reviewed his ePortfolio content.

Also new on the eP front, we are testing the use of the new RSS / Syndication from the server that can push the latest changes in hosted ePs to the front entrance of the site. Not yet attached are tools that allow anyone, even people without accounts, to subscribe to email notifcations of ePortfolio updates.

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