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3 College Centers for Teaching & Learning Are A’ Bloggin’

A number of our Maricopa colleges have their own faculty support centers for faculty development and technology infusion… we try and build some collaboration amongst them. Three of them now have been or are starting to, use weblogs to publish resources and events of interest tot heir faculty, actually all hosted in this very MovableType blog host.

You can see the RSS feeds from all three listed at our Ocotillo College Centers web site and two of them have on their blogs, the RSS feeds from the Maricopa Learning eXchange that list just the contributions from their respective sites, e.g. the weblog for the South Mountain Community College Teaching & Learning Center is able to synidcate in tis right side bar, the most recent MLX packages from South Mountain. RSS can go in circles like that (hey, like a dog chasing its own tail??? maybe not).

Actually we had set up blog sites for two other of our college centers, but they did not stick, or stay up with adding content, and the blogs went bouncing across the plains like a tumbleweed. In a competitive system like ours, when they see the other three highlighted on our site (and here), I suspect they may want to get back in the blog game.

It underscores my notion, that blogging is not effective if you just dabble, or play with it a little bit- it is an endeavor that calls for dogged persistence, relentless effort, obsessive/compulsive tendencies.

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