Not relevant to anything but what’s happening around the office…

When I started at Maricopa, I found the building had a locker room available, and for about 3 or 4 years, I was an everyday bicycle commuter- you can tell be the later 90s vintage of my “Wacked Out Bike To Work Page”. Part was economic driven as my wife and I had one vehicle between us, but I also enjoyed the scenery, found the exercise essential to managing my diabetes, but best of all, it was good thinking time.

Fats forward to now, we have 2 cars, more things to do, and I bike maybe 2 days a week, but have had some 2 month stretches of no biking. But a few weeks ago, Todd, who runs our Wellness Program, asked if they could use a photo of me in bike gear to promote a Bike To Work campaign / alternative transportation mode. Little did I know they would plaster posters al over our district…


Pretty intimidating, eh? All in fun, I have gotten some fun, some encouraging email messages after the blitzed a PDF system wide, in honor of April 21 being Bike To Work Day “Biking To Work is a Real Adventure” (488k PDF)– most ironic as April 21 I could not bike since I was in San Francisco for a meeting.

Oh well, not much of a real bike greek, will not wear lycra….

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