Post-Blog Wrap of of PhotoBlogging Presentation

Well I think it went well. You just are not 100% sure doing an online presentation who is snoring at the other end. But we had some good discussion and some folks finally popped some images to a Conference PhotoBlog– oops, I forgot the context.

Last week, I presented “Publish and Build Communities Around Digital Images” for the Teaching in the Community Colleges 2004 Online Conference. It was a half baked idea when I proposed it in December, as I had not even tried nor had access to a mobile telephone capable of posting images. But I had been playing around with FotoLog and Buzznet, and had even gotten Robert Burget, an adjunct art/computer photographics instructor at Chandler-Gilbert Community College to try using Buzznet this semester for his students to post examples of their work. See his experiences blogged as Testing the Waters and his shared Buzznet Gallery for his students’ work, ART 177 Side Show

The presentation was made available as a Breeze audio narrated slide show, and included audio interviews with 4 of Robert’s students. I also set up a Buzznet Gallery for conference attendees to post their own images, and provided the “feed” (RSS-like) of the latest images to the instructions for posting to the photoblog. It’s still open, and the nice folks at Buzznet relaxed the 10 photo a day upload limit (though it never became an issue).

The live chat session April 21 for this was interesting as I was also in San Francisco at the time for a Pachyderm project meeting. So there I was at noon, out in the hallway, speaking into my laptop using the audio chat capability of the Elluminate Virtual Classroom which worked surprisingly well- my colleagfue Ken Gooding piped in from Melbourne Australia, and was having back and forth audio conversation with my colleague Donna Rebadow here in the Phoenix area.

So, the Pachyderm folks stream out of the room at noon as lunch was served in the hallway, and I am wandering down the hall trying to get to a quieter zone and still get a wireless signal for the net connection. I looked like I was having a conversation with my laptop.

It did go well, and I am hoping I opened up some eyes and ideas to making use of free web publishing tools like Buzznet.

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