An online workshop of interest (tip of the blog hat to my colleague Jim Tipton) “RSS115: The Beginners Guide to Weblogs and RSS” led by Library Stuff guy Steven Cohen:

If you have ever thought about creating your own weblog or utilizing an aggregator to read news but have been a bit skeptical then this training session is for you. This hands-on training will explore some of the current software tools that are being used to publish to weblogs as well as read content via RSS. During this online workshop, the attendees will have the opportunity to post/publish to a weblog, explore the features available with the software, as well as examine content via a news aggregator.

It is offered via LearningTimes as a 4 week workshop, with live online sessions once a week starting May 11, 2004 and costs $150. Looks like a good hands-on event for RSS newbies or wannbes.

Just wait until the graduate courses are available ;-)

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