TCC2004 PhotoBlog Taking Off

My presentation on PhotoBlogging at the Teaching in the Community Colleges 2004 Online Conference is inching along- tomorrow is the big sprint to wrap up all the audio for the Breeze Presentation. Biff is out of town, so I will have to wing it alone. I have a tape of digitized audio from a group of students I interviewed who are using Buzznet in their photo-imaging course this semester. There are some great views on this technology in their audio.

I am asking conference attendees, after seeing the presentation, to upload via email or mobile phone, and image of themselves “where they sit” for accessing the conference.

To seed the pot, I have been asking friends and colleagues (and now anyone reading this post) to contribute an image, even if they will not be participating in the conference. It looks like the Ozzies and the Kiwis are taking the lead, with 2 each from Australia and New Zealand (“good on ya, ‘mates!”) as well as D’Arcy from way up north in Canada, Ben from MIT, and Patricia from Texas.

So check out the TCC 2004 Buzznet Gallery and send a picture of yourself, using the subject line to create the picture title, and the body of the message to include your name, geographic location, and device used to take the image.

You can also find the instructions, along with the syndicated feed from this gallery, from the presentation site.

I have to to give a big thanks to Steve from Buzznet, who relaxed the 10-photo a day limit for this photoblog, as well as quickly fixing an issue with the syndication. These folks have been extremely responsive.

And if you are into this stuff, check out Flickr

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