The RSS Winterfest Will Not Stop (Annoying Me)

The party from the January RSS Winterfest seems to be lingering on- but I am not festive. I get daily emails notifying me of changes on their site, which I am not following nor interested in. Four freakin’ times I used the link on their messages to set up email notifications to “never” .

But “never” must mean something different to the folks from Social Text since the emails just a keep a’ comin’ in. Like clokcwork. Like a steady drip. Or water torture.

I wrote yesterday a polite request to stop to their support email address. It was acknowledged quickly and promised that I would not get any more emails. There must have been a disclaimer in very small white text as today….

From: notify-noreply@socialtext.com
Subject: Recent Changes In RSS Winterfest Workspace
Date: April 14, 2004 12:57:55 AM MST
To: xxxxxx.xxxxxxx@xxxxxl.maricopa.edu

Alan Levine,

The following pages in RSS Winterfest have recently changed:

Great RSS Tools Hey
(by user7204 on 2004-04-12 22:53:42 GMT)

Great RSS Tools
(by user7204 on 2004-04-12 22:55:54 GMT)

RSS and Weblogs in Public Relations
(by user7201 on 2004-04-14 07:57:41 GMT)

To stop receiving or change how often you receive emails about changes
to RSS Winterfest, go to:

It just refuses to stop….. I wish I was saying this about the enthusiasm for RSS, but no. This is really pissing me off, and the kinds of non service that drives me to drooling fits of rage. They are in this dog’s dog house.

So here it is for the folks at Social Text, a free ticket for a ride on a train. Get it?

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  1. Alan,

    It’s a bug in our email notification software, that only affects public workspaces, and that only shows up 30 days after people stop actively using a workspace. It caught us off guard. We’re working on a fix.

    Sorry about the extra mail.

    Edward Vielmetti

    Socialtext support


  2. Thanks Edward– my harsness came from a user perspective of folling instructions repeated times over a period of weeks, and seeing the behavior continue.

    Ross- No, I have no clue what you are trying to tell me. I am a simple dog and often cannot read between lines. Now I have to go outside and take care of some business.

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