An Aussie Park Named (Almost) After Us…. err… Before Us

Some folks Down Under apparently have honored us by naming a park (almost) after CogDogBlog. Colleague Michael Coghlan writes from Adelaide of “Cobdogloa Station Caravan Park“:

The Cobdogla Station Caravan Park is a privately owned caravan park nestled on the backwaters adjacent to the River Murray in the Riverland of South Australia.

Cobdogla is an easy 3 hour drive from Adelaide and Mildura. It is 5km from Barmera which is one of the six major towns off the Sturt Highway near the Victorian border.

The entire park is planted with landscaped lawns and garden beds and most sites are shaded by trees. It is very picturesque and tranquil.

As translation, a “caravan” is not a string of nomads on camels, but an RV, recreation vehicle, or camper. A “station” is one of those large, gazillion acre ranches that stretch across many parts of the country.

Good on ya, ‘mates! Just get that name right, and we’ll check out “CogDogBlog Station Caravan Park” on our next scamper across the outback ;-)

Oops, little chance of a name change, history precedes this blog:

Cobdogla is a small town nestled on the River Murray in the Riverland of South Australia, and is within an easy 3 hour drive of Adelaide and Mildura. It is 440 kilometres from the mouth of the Murray. It takes its name from an aboriginal word meaning “Land of Plenty”.

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