“The Blog”

I am curious if other educators have heard this from students newly introduced to weblogs- from the interviews I did last week for a photoblogging presentation and at other times, I have heard more than one student refer to a blog hosting web site such as TypePad, Blogger, Buzznet, as “The Blog”– like it were a singular entity (or a movie monster), e.g.

“The first time I was introduced to The Blog I was thinking….”

We started using The Blog in our english course to write reflections…”

Maybe it is just my failing memory, but it seems recurrent, and seems to symbolize that a student’s experience with one particular blog site becomes in their mind, everything there is to blogging. Maybe it is juts a phase. Maybe it is a nice short hand.

Coming to a neighborhood near you… THE BLOG!!!!!

On a side note, the Breezed version fo my PhotoBlogging presentation got finished in one day– well much of the graphics and Powerpoints were done the day before, but yesterday, I got all of my sound recorded, edited, and assembled for a 45 minute show. Too long, again. It might have taken less time- I did all of my recording, or thought I did, but somehow, it got lost in the wind, so got a second chance to record myself.

I also had about 30 minutes of audio interviews with four students and one instructor to edit down. I use my Canon DV-1 camera to record with a lavaleer microphone, no video, just the audio. For quick and dirty, I digitized clips and assembled in iMovie, exported via QuickTime as .wav files that Breeze likes.

Also noted, I now can easily identify what “umm” looks like in waveform– I must have plucked out about 50 of them from my own recordings:

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