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Google.Vanity: RSS2JS Sprinklings

Again, I should be working on something important, but for idle curiosity I was fishing in the Ocean Google to try and find where other folks have been using our RSS To Javascript code/service:

It is an interesting mmix of people running off of our server as well as running it on their own sites. Very cool.

One of the things I need to finish up is the new site for the second generation version, again with new features:

  • use of a better parser (Magpie)
  • support for Atom feeds
  • new option to designate amount of item description to generate
  • new option to specify if links are to open in the same or a new window

The new site will actually be broken into smaller chunks (!!) and will feature a collection of CSS templates to play with and apply to your feeds- perhaps even a submission form for new CSS to make it as insanely popular as the CSSZen Garden.

Like I said, it is almost ready, just a few more things to iron out. Maybe thursday. No promises.

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