mcli Forum Spring 2004

Just posted the web version of our once per semester publication, the mcli Forum which our office has been publishing in print and paper since 1993 (before 2000 it was the Labyrinth-Forum). We have a mixture of faculty, guest, and our own staff authored articles that highlight teaching, learning, assessment, and technology efforts at Maricopa.

The Spring 2004 mcli Forum features articles on

and updates on mcli programs:

This publication was one of my first and favorite forays into web design by CSS– though it is still a clunk of HTML tables and CSS formatting–, and finely matches the print version (in addition to hypertext, and sometimes including more content than can fit in the paper version). From the exported version (Word format), re-processing the images, and marking up as HTML, it is about a 5-7 hour process, which would be even longer without some templates and easy search and replace features of BBEdit (I will never stop singing the praise of BBEdit’s grep across multiple files).

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