Spammers 12 / Me Zero

It was all for nought. My research, attempts to tidy up the movabletype holes, changing names of comment scripts, did squat. I just combed through and deleted 12 blog comment spams, generously sent in a swift spurt, all related somehow to animals, by guess.

I am ready to raise the white flag and kill the comments feature. Sigh. Sigh. Damnit.


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  1. I’ve had pretty good luck lately… Updated MT-Blacklist to the latest version (and updated the blacklist), and it’s catching just about everything.

    I’ve also gone one step further than I wanted to, and removed comment entry from individual entry pages. The only page that has the “add comment” link is the main page.

    I’m not sure how many false positives I’m getting… I noticed after adding some additional blacklist words, that MT-Blacklist suddenly decided that _you_ were spam (somehow, the regex matches “Alan” with “anal”, and tried to nuke every comment you’ve made to my blog. Doh…)

  2. I’m sitting at 2259 entries in my blacklist now. Takes a looooong time for the blacklist page to get displayed. It’s over a megabyte of text…

    And holy crap! we just scored 20 seconds into the game!!!

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