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Late for the Blog at NMC 2004

Sigh, the dog has been a lazy conference blogger, too much scenery in Vancouver, good food and drink, to have enough energy to continually blog the sessions, Fortunately, others are feverishly at it, see the blog aggregator created by Stephen Downes.

NMC continues to he my favorite confence for the people who come, for the stuff they show, for not being overly scheduled on back to back to back sessions… it is a conference just is always done with class, and they seem to have fun.

The opening keynote by Henry Jenkins was right on with a different take on media convergence- it is not convering to a box, but tthrough people. See the notes jotted nicely by Roland. Also on the new-must-check-back list are Henry’s sites on education arcade related to gaming and education and Technology Review both of which are pretty much blog-like in nature.

more later, hardly anytime to blog between sessions and catching up with colleagues…

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