The Blog Blinks On (and Off).. Catch Up on OpenMLX

The dog has not died, but the author has been offline following the NMC 2004 Summer conference in Vancouver, taking advantage of the launch point for some relaxing travel to Vancouver Island and the tremendous Rocky Mountains south of Jasper, Alberta.

It is just a short stopover in Phoenix to change clothes, repack for a few more days of R&R up in Strawberry, AZ. But just to whet your appetites, for those beyond the literal handful of attendees at my session for the NMC Summer Conference, here is what you missed as far as New Directions for the Maricopa Learning eXchange.

The gate is open, we have our first iteration (rough as it is) of a clone of the MLX, an “openMLX” that will reside at the 24/7 Test Bed:


— what you can do, our blog audience at this point, is to actually create an account, and make your own MLX packages on this test site. I’ll send a few Maricopa tchotckies to the first person to create a real package that is able to solicit some real comments.

Once I return to the office July 6, I’ll fill in more details as we move towards a late July (paws crossed) release of the MLX source code.

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  1. Good to hear you guys got home OK. Hope the train ride was a good one – there was a bit of haze in the Rockies over the last couple of weeks (early fire season).

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