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Way Too Much Time on Their Hands (Please Wash Hands When Done_

Another installment on the There is a Niche for Everything on the Net: Urinal Dot Net

(I was googling to find the SeaBus Terminal in Vancouver and this was result #2…. why? Only Google Knows)

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  1. I want to make sure that I have this image correct: Someone marches (slithers?) into the men’s room carrying a camera (and THAT’s not strange enough?). Then, this person takes time to frame, focus, shoot a picture aimed at the urinal(s)…with WHAT kind of explaination in mind for the man who walks in during this process? Then, the ‘peeshooter’ walks out of the bathroom with a smug look of satisfaction(?), so proud to have added yet another notch to his urinal collection?!

    You are right… There IS a niche for everything. There is probably a related association…I don’t even want to know!


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