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On the Waterfront
On the Waterfront
available on my flickr

A nice day in the harbour of bustling Ucluelet, on the west coast of Vancouver Island. Remarkly, when I told Canadians I visited Ucluelet (which took a week to learn the correct pronounciation), they invariable smiled and said, “Ah, Tofino” (which, while nearby, is a completely different town)

The tools are getting interestingly cross-bred.

It’s been a few months since I looked at the photo blog site flickr and having gone back, I am very pleased with all the new tools they have! For one, I can compose a blog post with any image in “my flickr” and have it sent to my MovableType site (or Blogger or … a bunch of others). There are also some slick desktop upload tools.

I am also trying the side bar feed from flickr replacing the one I had before from buzznet.

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