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Pass the Suflur, Please
Pass the Suflur, Please
available on my flickr

Most folks who have been to the Vancouver waterfront have likely marveled at this yellow mound- a ferry ride, a lot of pixels, and some cropping got me a nice closeup.


I have dinkered away a bit more time than I would have preferred to set up this “blog from flickr to MT”, but that is what happens why you start pawing around with new toys. It is a matter of clicking the “Blog This” icon from flickr:

Anyhow, I had to do a bit of munging to the style flickr uses to create a post, and especially take out the CSS it inserts into the entry (instead putting it in my style sheet), modifying the styles to my liking.

That gets really messy when you have MT’s default to convert everything to HTML!

Then I had to do some subsituting in the template on the flickr site, using their own template tags to insert my flickr-composed caption on the right of this image, and then put this text (which I am writing on the flickr site- screen shot pleeeze!).

full size

Composing an MT entry within flickr!

The only thing I cannot seem to do is to assign MT categories or keywords (the latter I use to generate the full entry URL).

Oh well, there is post-production in lots of things.

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