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Tiny Improvement for Feed2JS and New Site Features

Just for fun, I added a rather small feature to the Feed2JS script/service; Curt Whittaker had emailed requesting:

It would be nice if the script could have alternate text if there are no items in the current feed. For example, we are looking to use this for our Calendar of Events – see Some days there are no events, and I want to say so rather than have just a blank box.

It is actually quite easy thing to toss in the mix (just spit out “no items for this feed” if the Magpie parser returns a zero count item array), so it is now there- you can verify by tossing in the URL for the an empty item feed I made.

Also, since we do get a handful of “how do I make it do X?” type requests that are too specialized to make it into the final, I created a list of “mods” small script changes that have been requested.

How much is Feed2JS being used since released May 24, 2004? Well the examples page lists 19 sites that have bothered to share their use of this free service. We know there is more out there… so step up and sign up, eh?

To show, I added code to the examples page that counts the number of cached feeds sitting on our server- as of today, there are 15990! which at least suggests parsing and spitting back that many feeds. That was much more than I expected.

Note that some time down the road when I am house cleaning, I’ll likely dump the cache directory to reset it.

Wow. That is a lot of action. We’ll have some more data soon when we finish setting up AWstats to analyse the web server log.

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  1. Hello,

    Need help …

    For some reason I can’t seems to remove the dot (.) or margin right before the item links . I updated the basic1.css but it still shows on my rss feed. How can I remove the margin or dot (.)


  2. Could the problem be on my build.php file or another file ? or Maybe on my main html document page?

    I want to remove the dot/margin or bullet. It’s taken too much space.


  3. Jean,

    The stylin’ is up to you to do. There is nothing wrong with the build.php or other scripts in the template, just some mis undersanding about the placement of the CSS files. The one with the script is just a sample, and will be used by the build.php script as a preview.

    If you intending to use a CSS file for that top level URL on your site, than you need to also place a copy of the CSS file in the same directory OR adjust your CSS file link in your HTML so that it correctly accesses the basic1.css file down in the directory that holds your Feed2JS scripts.

    You can certainly remove the bullet and adjust margin padding on list items (be forewarned that different browsers have some varying ways of dealing with margi and padding on ul lists).

    If you visit our “Stylin” giude:

    The Green Bars example shows you the parts to look at, specifically:

    .rss_title, .rss_title a:link


    font-family: Arial, Verdana, sans-serif;

    font-size: 30px;

    font-weight: bold;

    margin: 0;

    padding: 0;


    .rss_items {



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