Help Build a Free MediaSources Wiki? Please?

Taking some blindfolded tosses into the wiki pond, I am going to see if this stuff really works. It comes up in many circles, discussions of online course development, learning objects, and just today in the digital storytelling workshop:

Where can I find sources of free media (images, audio, video)?

This is usually in the context of having to provide vague answers to questions about “what I can or cannot do” in terms of copyright. Our usual advice is where-ever possible, go for original acquired assets or use the free stuff that is “out there”.

The rise of Creative Commons is starting to open some great doors (i have made good use of OpSound for multimedia soundtracks) as well as the things housed at the Internet Archive.

Anyhow, to address these repeated requests, I am setting up a wiki page as a reference for free MediaSources:.


Since this sort of falls inside the realm of learning objects, it is floating inside the new Ocotillo Learning Objects wiki. I have a few upcoming workshops that I tend to build as pages around this as a resource.

Now here is the plea- jump in and help shape, grow, round out this collection. Use it for your own purposes, but let’s stir up some active participation in this wiki.

Please? If you play in our wiki, I’d be glad to wander over to yours!

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