Week of Digital Storytelling Workshop

I’m spending the bulk of this week helping out at a 40 hour “learnshop” our office sponsors for faculty, this one is on Bringing Digital Storytelling to the Classroom (ingore the June dates, this was so popular it has been repeated).

Facilitators Linda Hicks and Rachel Woodburn have been co-teaching a course in Digital Storytelling at Scottsdale COmmunity College for a few years, and it is a raging success (see our interview with the duo in the Spring 2004 mcli Forum) both here in Arizona and where they have taken it on the road in Australia and New Zealand.

This version is for 12 faculty to learn the process of finding, crafting, and producing a digital story, crammed into a week. The first two days have been on developing the story, refining it, storyboarding, collecting physical assets. The process used works wonderfully, especially the time provided as a group for feedback. It has been amazing to see how the story concepts have evolved in just 2 days time, and there are some amazing ones we await to see produced (I offered to convert ones to streaming media versions if they were interested, and if they were going to use all original material).

Tomorrow, they record their audio tracks (recorded in GarageBand, export to iTunes, burn to CD) and begin digitizing assets (scan to JPEGS and burned to CD), and then Thursday and Friday do their production/editing in iMovie, with a final product on both CD-ROM and DVD.

it is intoxicating to see creativity unfolding before your eyes.

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