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Holy Rip-Mix-Burn-Churn! I am Feedburned!

I cannot breathe! The feeds are swirling!

Snatding on the shoulders of giants, Brian Lamb and David Wiley (imitation and flattery apply here) I mixed up my furl bookmarks and flickr photos with the cogdog feeds and voila! the uber feed:

This just rocks! I have just skimmed the surface of feed burner, but they are doing this rip-mix-blend stuff up right. Just provide them the URLs for your blog RSS, other bookmark services, and flickr info, and you get a feed where stuiff from all 3 is combined. And that looks like the tip of the rss-berg. You get stats. You can tweak the feeds. It attempts to make a HTML viewable version of the feed (mine is plunk full of HTML… hmm).

But this is it, this is another excellent example of small pieces, nicely joined!

PS you have to like a cool site with an attitude ;-) From the FAQ:

I’m new to RSS and feeds in general. Maybe I want to publish a feed as part of my blog or website offering, or maybe I just want to learn more. Where do I start?

We’ve got our own tidy little introduction to the topic. Start here: About Syndication, RSS, and Other Web-Altering Chemicals.

PPS- the HTML in the FeedBurned feed is apparently an issue of bad handling of XSLT in Safari and Mozilla browsers. Bummer.

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  1. Hi there Alan

    I tried this out yesterday following the advice of Anol (soulsoup) about including an RSS feed on my very new blog. Feedburned edition now lives at:

    However, as a newbie I didnˆ‚t realise that feedburner did all this other ˆ´singing and dancingˆ‚ stuff so Iˆ‚m off to experiment some moreˆñyour enthusiasm is obviously contagious!

    Step 2 is now trying to get the quicksub software working on that ˆ¨pesky little xml iconˆÆ. Yes, Iˆ‚m following the advice you gave on your blog, which Iˆ‚m hoping is not as complicated at it sounds! Fingers crossedˆñ.

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