iPhoto to Flickr to MT (What a Cool Trip)!

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available on my flickr

Rest a Bit on the “Restbit Bench”, Santa Maria Springs, Hermit Trail, Grand Canyon

I just posted this photo to my flickr account using a nifty plugin for iPhoto (found via Tim Lauer).

Basically, one can select one or more photos from your collection, select Export, add captions and tags, and then export them.

The first one went smooth, the second attempt I kept geting error messages about account/email not matching, but some amount of retries, re-entering, re-starting iPhoto.

Since I have my Flickr account set up for a JavaScript feed to this weblog, the image makes a trip from my iPhoto collection to flickr and then faux-syndicated to thie blog site.

I really, really like what flickr is doing, they are adding new and interesting services, and providing developers access to the APIs for doing nifty add-ons like this plugin. Definitely good small pieces action.

I’ve only explored a bit with flickr’s tags, but it is promising a great example of taking a large pool of assets from combines sources (everyone who published public photos on flickr) and then provind a way to easily mix and recmbine them into new “super” collections based on the keyword “tags” people apply to their photos- like mine should end up in the grandcanyon collection, or my desert flower photos in the flower collection. Or now, I have the sole image in the flinstones tag set. Woohoo!

It would be cool to be able to combine tags?? Anyhow, can you see it is not a far stretch to exchange “photos” for “learning objects”, and have a simple way to pull up everything tagged as for “mid level organic chemistry”? Maybe not feasible, but an interesting model for Rip Mix and _________.

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