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Blogging Gone Wild in Greensboro

People and journalists ;-) are writing about a blogging phenomena n Greensboro, North Carolina, which apparently is becoming a critical mass as maybe a hub in public engagement in blogging (reading, writing, commenting), Jay Rosen in Greensboro Newspaper Goes Open Source: A Follow Up:

I am going to stay on the story of the Greensboro blogging culture that’s coming of age, and of the local newspaper, led by a maverick editor, that’s going open source on the rest of the press. I think it’s national news…

It will be interesting to watch what happens now. My guess is the story will shortly be in the Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, NPR, Business Week or similar venue. But I could be wrong. Whether that happens or not, I have plenty to tell the core audience about. This post will be added to, in bits and pieces, so check back if you’re interested.

Or Donata Communications’ 10 Questions for Ed Cone:

Ed Cone is a newspaper columnist from Greensboro, North Carolina and one of my favorite bloggers. He’s understood this blogging thing longer than most, and he’s been an inspiration to his community, encouraging others to enter the blogosphere. As a result, Greensboro’s blogging community has been the talk of media observers — like Jay Rosen — and many think the community is pioneering the future in terms of local media.

I can’t possibly overstate my agreement with this, and I encourage all of my television friends to carefully explore what’s taking place in Greensboro. Ed graciously agreed to answer ten questions, and I’m happy to present the interview here.

Yes blogging is going wild in Greensboro, look for the cover stories soon, the book, the TV series, the t-shirt…

It caught my eye for another reason was the mention of the Greensboro 101 site, which is more or less an aggregator of local bloggers. Under the hood of the 101 site, they are using our Feed2JS to power the blogger syndication (click the “eyeballs” on the left side “Blog Directory”). I was pleased since I got some panic emails last week from Roch Smith as a PHP upgrade or some other cosmic force rendered their version of the feed parsing to not work at all. I am guessing he got to the bottom of it, and I appreciate it since my investigation led to discovery of a small bug that would cause problems with Atom feeds.

Check out the blog-i-ness happenings in Greensboro!

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