Do not callto://me

Disregard my recent suggestion for making Skype links written has callto:/myskypename– My new Finnish colleague Teemu just noted that it conflicts with the ugh-ly Netmeeting.

There is supposed to be a way from the Skype Site to create a “Shype Me Button” ( could not find it there and had to Google to get close):

You can even add a Skype-Me Button to your website or e-mail signature. For complete instructions, please visit the Share Skype site.

but the link it provided http://www.skype.com/community/share/ had no answer.

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  1. I guess I was not exactly care– I am not in need of graphic buttons.

    I was asking for the best way to create links that would initiate Skype as someone knowledgable about these things told me that a link contructed with the “callto:” protocol might connect a user to NetMeeting rather than Skype. I don;t care as I do not use or have NetMeeting. Nothing I have found addresses this, but I would hope for PC users who install PC that Skype will successfully hijack the mime-setting.

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