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I Google Scholar-ed Myself

I’ll leave the academic wrestling over Google Scholar to the academics– I was more humanly curious what I could find there… so did a self Google to see if I could find a reference to my previous life.

Before materializing as an instructional technologist at Maricopa, I was a graduate student in, of all things Geology (hence my e-mail signature “was geologist now technologist” (see more semi-sordid history).

Before I got burned out on a narrow field of research, I did manage to publish a paper in the Geological Society of America’s Geology, then the top journal in the field. Their rigorous guidelines limited authors to 4 printed pages, and as their tagline then said, “I would have written a shorter article if I had more time.”

It was accurate, as it took my advisor and myself a full year not only to summarize the research, but to write, create graphics, edit, write, edit, write, edit… an unforgettable learning experience.


Anyhow, via Google Scholar I did find at least some citation references to my November 1991 published article, “Hydraulics of the August 7, 1980, pyroclastic flow at Mount St. Helens, Washington” not bad for something that old and obscure.

Just for fun, something I had not done for lack of better reason, I used our new sheet fed scanner to digitize one of my reprints and crunched it down to a 1.1 Mb PDF there for your pyroclastic flow curious pleasure.

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