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As reported a few times before, I have been prying time here and there to work on a prototype web site, that replaces a current, hand edited Low Threshold Applications web site with a dynamic one authored in MovableType. I am just polishing off a new add-on hack that uses PHP and mySQL to dome nifty magic.

We are making progress on moving the old content over, but one of the last features to tackle (I think) was a dynamic generated equivalent of the LTA Contributors List where it lists the authors names, emails, organizations, and a list and links to the content they had authored.

After exploring the available tags in MovableType, plugins, I was still not finding a simple way to do this. Yes, MT can sift through entries sorted by authors, but you have to know all the author username in advance, so every new author would mean a rewrite of the template. Not dynamic enough for me.

I found a solution very close to what I was after from Scriptygoddess (a heavenly MT resource), MT hacks: Master Author Archive, MySQL version and with not too much leverage, was able to customize my own. Basically, I use PHP to pull info on all the authors on this particular blog, then for each author, echo their contact details. Under each, he trudge the database again, and for each author, pull just the entry titles they have posted to build a list and links.

However doing this the way we wanted meant needing extra information on the author, as MT’s author table just lists their login name and email, and I needed their full name, and their organization/affiliation. So my approach here was to create my own local author table in the MT database, and tie it to the MT one via the MT generated author_id (I am likely losing all of the non programmers here, bye ;-).

My author table, named loc_author has the structure:

Mt Author

the mt_author_id is the same as the unique id in the MT author table. I was lazy and just manually entered the data via phpMyAdmin, making sure that each LTA had an account created for it, that the entries were assigned to the appropriate author. I did set up all that content in an Excel spreadsheet, and could ahve just as well written a short script to load it from a tab delimited text file, but just decided to plug in the data as is.

The first thing I do for my own database projects is to create a general include file with a function I can call from anywhere to establish a database connection. I called it something like mt_connect.php and store in a general location in the main directory structure:

So I can use this by simply including this file in any PHP script and then just calling this function with the database name. One connect script can be used all over your site.

And then here is the author.php code. There are a few things particular to our site, especially on the links to individual archives. All LTAS have a tile that is in the form:

LTA #XX — Some Big Cool Title

and the associated archive link is:


so we use some pattern matching to pull out the numerical part of the title string and build the corret link.

So here is the whole author code:

And the whole thing can be seen in action at:

It looks like a rather simple web page, but it is going in real time into the database to generate this content. I thought that it might be a load on the database, and could just as easy set this up to be a script that generates the content as a static include file, that is sucked into the template. For now, it runs as quick as loading plain old HTML, so I’ll leave it.

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