Helen’s Online Portfolio Adventure

The self-proclaimed “grandmother” of electronic portfolios, Helen Barrett has likely the most comprehensive set of resources on her main web site plus her E-Portfolios for Learning blog.

Not so evident on the front page of site is a fantastic resource where she has taken the same portfolio content and used it in 22 different eportfolio systems– this is detailed specifically at Versions of my Online Portfolios.

I am exploring different online portfolio systems, free web server space or other strategies for developing online electronic portfolios. My purpose is to find options that are most appropriate for high schools and average individuals who are not associated with a higher education institution. Below are the versions that I have developed so far. Each one includes a reflection on how I developed the original portfolio content using an Excel Spreadsheet, using comments to record my reflections on why I selected each of the 21 artifacts. I assigned them to categories, and created collections or pages for each category. Most of my online portfolio is in a text format right now, partly because of the online publishing medium and partly because I did not want to put a lot of new large graphic files online.As I try other tools, the capability to add images will be explored. Three of my artifacts are digital video clips that I have already posted online.

She not only provides the sample portfolios as links and PDFs, but also reflections, pros cons, and a feature chart. This is a must look site for anyone involved with eportfolios,

You have to respect her approach to doing this process, by first outlining the structure and artifacts for her portfolio via an Excel Spreadsheet so that the portfolio is designed first by content and purpose, not led by the technology or a particular system.

Helen truly is a gem of a resource on approaching eportfolios from an educational perspective, where the tools and technology are subsidiary to the purpose. She has some new material making a connection and overlay between eportfolios and digital storytelling.

I first met Helen at some NECC conference when I was a techie baby on the block in the 1990s, and we have crossed paths at conferences and online since then. We are very excited to be bringing her to Maricopa in February for a Dialogue Day on Electronic Portfolios.

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