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Minor Enhancements For Feed2JS

I just made an update to our RSS Feed2JS service and free code. This changes will not break any current use, just adds some new options for some of the parameters, including:

  1. David Carter-Tod suggested a new line of code that allows the output to use the Atom fields for encoded content. I am not sure what that really is, but can guess it allows Feed2JS to display full HTML content.
  2. For other flavors of RSS, if the description content has HTML encased by [<[CDATA ... ]], the full HTML can be now displayed by setting the value of html=a. Note that if you use the option to truncate output to a specified nubmer fo characters, this will be ignored (I did not want any broken HTML).
  3. And thanks to Bruce Silver for suggested a feature that would allow the links from item names to be loaded in a specified target frame or window, so now you can target these links to load in the same page as the feed (default), a new browser window, or a window/target named “fred”, “wilma”, or “wooptiedoo”.

It is amazing to see all the places Feed2JS pops up, and I am even seeing folks in my system take advantage of it (Hi Shelley;-)

As a future note, sometime in the next few weeks or months, this service will move to a dedicated server- right now it shares a server with my MovableType blogs, some discussion boards, and our Maricopa ePortfolio software. Feed2JS eats about 85% of the use of the server, and merits its own home.

I have been granted a new PC laptop to replace a PIII box in the corner of my office, so like many times, an un-used PC becomes a new Linux server. Have no fear, no services will be interrupted from Feed2JS. The only part of the URL that you will need to change is “jade”, and for the first few weeks I will set up an auto redirect to the new server. I will likely also add an extra link to all output through our site that points to note for web site owners.

Keep on feeding….

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