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My Portrait Photo You Will Not See on Flickr

Last evening I had a digital photo portrait taken by a local photographer but I doubt it will be flattering enough to land on my flickr collection… I never saw the photographer, but I have been aware of where they set up their studios.

Yes, I managed to have a snapshot taken of not only me, but my license plate by photo radar. It was extremely stupid on my part, as I am well aware of their typical set up spots on my drive home… but last night, my mind was a bit distracted while driving down Osborn. This is a prime 25 mph spot, and I usually try to remember to keep it in 3rd gear, but I was likely thinking about a project and zoomed past the bright flash and POOF! I was zapped.


I’ll likely donate a future weekend day to driving school. Again.

But this leads my down another pet peeve sidetrack– that driving an automobile absolutely necessitates your full time attention. I was only occupied by my thoughts, but was not paying full attention. I will never, ever buy those cell phone industry claims that talking on a phone while driving is safe. Yes, they have their “studies”, but you can concoct any research to drum up conclusions that clearly show results proving that say, pigs can jump across the grand canyon.

There is absolutely no convincing me that engaging in a telephone conversation does not dangerously draw your attention away from things such as kids playing, bicyclists, turning vehicles, road obstructions, photo radar vans. It just makes zero sense that the brain activity of a phone conversation would not divert your ability to react. Heck, I was just thinking, and I lost track of the complete street scene.

I know most people are convinced that can handle driving and talking, and that their skills are superior to all other idiots on the road… but that may not hold as strong after the fact of their distracted driving resulted in running over some kid on a little pink bicycle.

Anyhow, I am looking forward to getting my picture and fine in the mail.

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