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The Open Source Party is in Town And…

Yawn… I almost forgot, Today through Friday is the Open Source Summit right in my own backyard in Scottsdale, and what a list of heavy hitters are on the docket. It kind of feels like peeking through the fence at an exclusive country club, marveling at all the shiny, pretty people.

The Open Source Summit truly is a seminal event for education.

It is designed to explore the concept of “open source” for clearer understanding and to discuss the impact of open source in education.

Individuals who are making decisions about campus applications — including Presidents, Deans, and CIOs — will benefit from the candid discussions about the possibilities that open source provides for the education institution and better learning outcomes.

There is a “white paper” [163k pdf] that looks pretty. Nice formatting.

I was keen on going, especially with keynotes by John Seely Brown… until I saw the registration fee. Yikes, for 3 days of passive sitting in presentations. There was not even a break as one of our colleges is involved as part of the planning. I had offered assistance to our former chancellor who is central in the planning, but…. well… I never heard back.

Am I a bit bitter? Not really, I have so much work I am rather enjoying getting done (despite the earlier spam rants).

It does seem rather characteristic that there is negligible blog coverage of this “seminal event”– draw your own conclusions.

Oh well, me and the missus will just skip the big soiree, put on our best overalls and drive the jalopy down to Walmart to pick up a big bag of fried pork chips. There is a big tractor pull on this week anyhow.

Update 12/2: I might be wrong. There are a total of a whopping 12 links on the internet to this seminal event.

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