Edward Tufte‘s short course “Presenting Data and Information” is coming to town in late January… can anyone who has attended one of these or knows a friend who has (or a second cousin of their mother-in-law’s dentist) let me know if it is worth it?

Or should I just buy the t-shirt?

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  1. Alan, I have had friends who thought it was valuable.. I think he says nice things about powerpoint…

    PS.. I had trouble installing your Feed2JS script. The test file with magpie worked but the main script gave me many undefined errors..

  2. Hey Alan, I attended this course about three years ago in San Diego. I think it’s time and money well spent. He develops sound principles of information design with tons of illustrative examples. I also met walked out with about three of his books as part of the course fee.

  3. I went on NSF’s dime last May, and I got to keep the three books and the Napoleon poster. :-)

    Who would be paying for your visit to Tufteland?

    After seeing the powerpoint version of the Gettysburg Address online and reading Powerpoint is Evil, how could I resist?

    (Is that other guy for real about Tufte saying nice things about ppt, or was that very subtle irony??)

    I was going to do a powerpoint presentation on the course, but I ran out of time. hahahaha

    Seriously, if you want to hear more about it send me an e-mail or give me a call. It was several hundred people in a lecture hall, but it was very interesting. LD

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