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Blogging Gone Wild in Greensboro

People and journalists 😉 are writing about a blogging phenomena n Greensboro, North Carolina, which apparently is becoming a critical mass as maybe a hub in public engagement in blogging (reading, writing, commenting), Jay Rosen in Greensboro Newspaper Goes Open Source: A Follow Up: I am going to stay on the story of the Greensboro […]

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I feel pretty much late to the dance with podcasting. It is a technology phenomnma that seems like it happened more or less while I was out of the country 3 weeks in November. My colleagues D’Arcy and Brian are all over it, and I have give high credence to things my trusted colleagues get […]

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It’s Brown But Looks Awfully Familiar

Imitation and flattery aside, just curious if anyone thinks RSS-to-Javascript bears any resemblance at all to our Feed2JS? I do not really care all that much since Feed2JS code is open source but some credit would be nice, egos can always use some stroking now and then… Ours was pretty much inspired by David Carter-Tod’s […]

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The Dawn of the End of the Golden Age of RSS?

It’s a sunny day in Phoenix, but a cloud of pessimism is on the horizon, an unfortunate evolution of innovative internet innovations that start as open environments, only to become more convoluted, and polluted as they mainstream. This came as I examined a series of new borg-like “RSS Services” that read like ads for Direct […]

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Minor Enhancements For Feed2JS

I just made an update to our RSS Feed2JS service and free code. This changes will not break any current use, just adds some new options for some of the parameters, including: David Carter-Tod suggested a new line of code that allows the output to use the Atom fields for encoded content. I am not […]

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DJ Scott Mixing Up the Edublogger Feed Bag

Scott Leslie recently wrote about using Rollup to put together a super feed of his favorite educablogger’s furl and deli.icio,us feeds: lots of folks have separate Furl and del.icio.us sites/feeds. I’ve been subscribing to one or two of them in the past, but wanted to get all the ed tech bloggers’ bookmark feeds in one […]

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Tasty del.icio.us feeds with PHP

Via open artifact cam this link to MovableBlog’s Integrating del.icio.us with PHP and Magpie describing a way to embed the output of your del.icio.us links in a web page. As always, there are many paths to the same destination.

As frequent readers know, this can be achieved via the JavaScript approach using our Feed2JS service or standalone code. Of course there is a round trip delay for this as a PHP script must be called which then fetches a fresh feed from the source (or loads a cached one). Or maybe JavaScript is just too clumsy for your tastes,

If you are on a PHP capable server, you can install Magie (which you need to do with the approach described via MovableBlog), but if you also use our PHP version of Feed2JS you can achieve the same effect.

The advantage of our approach over the one described above is that it can be repeated quite easily just by creating new shorter series of include statements. For example, below I will use it with my del.ici.ous RSS feed, but 3 weeks ago I used a different set of parameters to the same code. Feed, Rinse, Repeat.

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Feedster Blog Search

Feedster is offering a new search tool to help you find content that comes from weblogs, a handy way to scope your web searches. For the uninitiated, Feedster provides a google-like interface for searching things found in RSS feeds. It offers tools to store your own set of feeds (like another flavor of Bloglines as […]

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Flickr Tags to The Next Level: Related Tags

The tagging features of flickr have taken the next step- elevating results of a display of shared photo tags to other relavant tag sets (see tag relatedness features). For example, the flickr wide tags for where I am right now to more specific results as well as related topics. How does it do this? You […]