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I recently wrote of some JavaScript glue-ing I did to create a tool that allows my to take any web page in view, and submit it with one click to Furl, del.icio.us, Connotea, and our own Bag of URLs (see A Cup of Connotea: A New del.icio.us Flavor of Social Bookmarking (and now a 4 in 1 bookmark tool)).

Since then, I’ve gotten a pile of e-mail requests (well actually 2) for help in constructing different variations (“I just want Furl and del.icio.us”), which seemed enough justification to sit down and spin a PHP tool that allows you to select any combination of these 4 into one tool, all your own.

Meet the DeliciousFurlBagConnotea Marklet Maker.

Are there other web site submission sites that out to be tossed into this virtual Leatherman?

Update: I should not have whipped this up so fast, there is some slop. I have revised the tool to provide an input field to accept del.icio.us usernames, and cleaned up a JavaScript gotcha that was messing up Firefox. The problem child browser now is Internet Explorer, and right now, it does not work in IE (cursing their JS implementation). I’ll have to defer this to later.

Update: I’ve got it working now (maybe) having tested on Safari, Firefox, IE 5.2, NetScape 7 (Mac) and Firefox, NetScape 7, and IE 6 (Windows).

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  1. You have GOT to be kidding me. I remember you posting about this and decided I wanted in on it this very evening. So I searched cogdogblog for “bookmarks” but the first URL I found was for your post back in October when you rolled this out as a 3-in-one. I hacked your javascript to work the way I want it (rather than email and ask you to do it) and I’ve been happily playing with it for the last hour. I refresh my RSS feeds and you’ve build a handy tool! It seems I am always 30 seconds too impatient.

  2. And another thing…

    You might include in your instructions that folk will have better luck with the del.icio.us part of your cool tool if they replace your username with their own before pasting into their bookmarks.

    Just a suggestion.

  3. If i do replace the delicious username in the code with my own, i can’t re-generate the bookmark…otherwise how do i cut n’paste the code and make it into a hyperlink so i can drag it to my links bar…I would ask the lazyweb.com but i don’t have trackback

  4. John,

    You should be able to edit the properties of the Favorite you have already created. I am not near a Windows machine right now, but I am sure the option is there.

    Cheryl- thanks for catching the user name goof– I’ll need to make that a form field option, and I need to test the JavaScript some more. I got abit over confident I could whip it together in 30 minutes. What changes did youy have to make to get it working???

  5. Sorry for the slow response, but I’ve been fiddling with this on and off as my own computer has begun randomly shutting off, generally at terribly inconvenient times.

    Anyway! I don’t remember the initial changes I made, as I have modified them even further after looking at the javascript the del.icio.us site now generates. I just noticed an “experimental post to del.icio.us,” which they say works in internet explorer, mozilla, and safari, at http://del.icio.us/about. That code follows, with USERNAME substituted for mine:


    What I like about the above favelet is that in addition to filling in the url field and putting the document title in the description field, it shows you your existing tags and generates a list of recommended tags.

    But I wanted a popup window to roll into yours, so I looked at the “popup post to del.icio.us” bookmarklet code as well (again with the USERNAME substitution):

    javascript:q=location.href;p=document.title;void(open(‘http://del.icio.us/USERNAME?v=2&noui=yes&jump=close&url='+encodeURIComponent(q)+'&title='+encodeURIComponent(p),’delicious’, ‘toolbar=no,width=700,height=250’));

    What I ended up doing is rolling their popup favelet and their “experimental post to del.icio.us” favelet together to make the latter a popup. When that worked properly I rolled it into yours. What I got is below, though so far I have only tested it in Safari, and beware, I have tweaked the window size to suit myself:

    javascript:t=getSelection();d=document;u=d.location.href;q=location.href;p=document.title;window.open(‘http://www.mcli.dist.maricopa.edu/eye/bag/drop_bm.php?title='+escape(d.title)+ ‘&url=’+escape(u)+’&descrip=’+escape(t),’_blank’, ‘scrollbars=yes,width=620,height=480,status=yes,resizable=yes,scrollbars=yes’);void(open(‘http://del.icio.us/new/USERNAME?v=2&url='+encodeURIComponent(location.href)+'&title='+encodeURIComponent(document.title),’delicious’, ‘toolbar=no,resizable=yes,scrollbars=yes,width=800,height=400’));

    Hope this has been helpful. Sorry it looks wonky. I can’t stop your site from converting URLs to links.


  6. Firefox popping behind doesn’t bother me much but it would be nice to solve. I’ll keep my eyes open.

    Since you keep adding more sites, you may have to change the page title to something short & sweet, like “Multi-Boomkarklet Tool.”

    del.icio.us frassle-furled tea-bag?

  7. Nice job, Alan! You can also add a referrer field to your Furl pop-up. The parameter to pass to Furl is “r” and you can grab the value with “d.referrer”. We’re rolling out new bookmarklets that will include that next week (but the backend has supported it for a month or two). If you have any Furl questions, just let me know.

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