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New Amateur Bloggers Association: Biff’s On Board

What are the odds? Amy Gaharan has just announced her joining the Professional Bloggers Association (PBA):

the practice of being a consulting blogger-for hire, or operating a weblog with a functioning revenue model that goes beyond Google Ads

Now it would be easy to take potshots, to throw darts, to provide snickering insinuations about the beginning of the PBA tour and its bowling connotations. But that would not be very professional.

No, actually I am announcing the formation of the Amateur Bloggers Association (ABA), for people who blog not for revenue, not for status, or not even as an assigned responsibility, but just because we are personally motivated, passionately imbued, missing our medication, or just plain compulsive about cats or robots or Marvin the Martian or the band FloogerNozzle.

This group does not care if others consider a “blog is terrible” as blogging is in the eye (or RSS reader) of the beholder. We do not care if your blog has pinkhighlights, disco balls, or is just green monospaced text. There are no membership dues, requirements, or nor even an application form.

We actually already have several million members worldwide. Board Members now include:

El Presidenté Biff Cantrell

Seargant At Arms The SnakeMan

Secretary of Cute Expressions: Meg the Mic Girl

Emminence of Sustenance: Two Hot Chefs

Guru of The Obvious Leon Lighips

well the list goes on. We have room for millions of leaders. Make your own title up. The ABA site should be up in a century or two.

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  1. Oooo, oooo, I want to join. Well, wait – it’s not a membership thing, is it? Then I don’t want to join. There’s a Groucho take off here – me wanting to join a group that doesn’t want members. Maybe we could do a T shirt?

  2. No need to join, everybody is a member by default. Unless you opt out as a “professional” and get an agent and a spot on Entertainment Tonight and a limo and cools tuff like that.

  3. I would like to apply for the position of “Director In Charge of Non-Verbal Nonrepresentational Blogs Which Contain Famous Quotes.”

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