Oh, I feel like a bad net citizen. Either due to my own code blunders, or someone else’s overly aggressive page reloads or some force of the moon, our Feed2JS site has been banned from accessing del.icio.us feeds. Sorry about that folks, but you cannot display these feeds through our site. This is what you will see.

This only affects feeds from del.icio.us.

I’ve been in communication with the del.icio.us folks and it is confirmed that they were getting repeated requests through our site for either randomly generated feeds or repeated non-cached requests. It’s their site, and if they want top ban us they can, and I support it.

I am researching some new approaches that can try and throttle repeated requests (any ideas, PHP pros out there?) and I need to look more closely at Magpie’s caching or where it may slip up.

One avenue that may have been a culprit is use of our older predecessor RSS2JS which has now been closed and retired.


Update: They are giving us another chance to behave! You can again try and use our code for del.icio.us feeds. To be better consumers of feed, please note that we are now caching feeds for a 2 hour period.

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