Spammers New Year’s Resolution: Stick Their URLs in Any Hole They Can Find

It’s mid morning the first day of 2005, relaxing peacefully in our hideaway cabin ion Strawberry, a warm fire is in the stove, and the sky out the window is heavy with clouds– and it looks like spam is failing from the sky, in big ugly clumps.

Yup, on a quick check of email this morning, I have notification from some of our web sites that allow (honest) people to submit relevant information, spam infested gunk just where it makes no sense. These are forms that do not post anything to a web page, will not enhance the rank of their target sites in anyway, just plain stupid efforts.

Yes, the new spam creedo seems to be to try and stick their piles of URLs in any hole they can find on your web sites- any forms that have a text area input can expect to be stuffed with the usual suspects of “low mortgage viagra enlarge your cialis texas hold em maximized returns online poker with a dab of bestiality”. Oh I know they are just probing their roach tentacles, but I’ve got a new concrete fence for many of our sites to keep ’em at bay.

And this strategy will now be implemented on any new web site we create, along with designing for functionality, usability, graphic design, accessibility, web site developers need to add spam proofing to the to do list.

Happy New Spamming Year.

Attention Mountain View: We have a problem.

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  1. Too bad we don’t have any virtual chickens. I hear that if you keep a few hens in your yard, they will eat all the bugs on your property, including roaches. And then, of course, you can sell their eggs. I’m sure they come with their own problems, like a general incompatibility with the neighborhood cats, and then there’s the chicken poop to scoop. Maybe the concrete wall metaphor is better than the virtual henhouse.

    Just rambling. Happy New Year.

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