Durl and Blogpulse– More Link Digging Tools

Just a few clicks after posting about digging out interesting link information via del.icio.us and furl, a comment there from Carmen highlighted some more tools to my toolchest.

It had been some time since I had seen Durl, which accesses data from del.icio.us and eeks out some backlinks trends, a mini screen shots. In addition, there are more links to other tools, ones I never heard of– OpenBM, Jots, ixquick, a2b, Gigablast– a whole raft of new things to explore…. I am getting weak, dizzy, overwhelmed… anyhow, see the link Carmen shared that parses out the info on the URL in my post.

And then BlogPulse, which aims to pull together threads scattered across different blogs– in this case too, I found many mroe references to my URL than had been trackbacked or commented– see the “Conversation Seed”. So maybe good news for those that have declared Trackbacks dead or have driven the silver stake through its heart.

The tools are popping out like weeds and wild flowers.

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