Location: Why “Medium” is Extra Small

NBC’s “hit show” Medium is about a psychic who is helping solve cases in what is purported to be Phoenix, Arizona.

I believe it is the “Phoenix, near Burbank”.

It looks like they are not wasting any money on location shots, because I have yet to see a cactus, a desert rabbit, a creosote bush, a snake or any recognizable building structures or streets. The clincher was tonight’s episode (playing in the background before the news comes on, I am not absorbed in this drivel) where the main character is frantically calling 911 on her cell phone “I am on the corner of Chaparral and Miller, please hurry!” an intersection rather close to my home, and I see nothing that is even close to how the scene looks. Those palm tree lined burbs are most definitely southern California.

Okay, it is not a documentary or reality, but hey, at least stick a saguaro cactus in the background!

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  1. I would like to comment on the post left about the show Medium. There are palm trees in Phoenix. Actually, there are more palm trees in Phoenix than there are cacti. The cactus is definately everywhere outside of Phoenix, but not so much in the city! Just because we are a desert city doesn’t mean that cacti is our only vegetation!

  2. I think you missed the point, Reagan– I was not writing about vegetation, but the lack of any scene location shooting on the show that place it in the setting where the story takes place.

    And I know what the streets look like here because I live less than a mile from the “intersection of Miller and Chaparral” that was the line in the show that prompted me to write. I do not need a lecture about the vegetation here.

    The point is that to someone from Rhode Island or North Dakota, the stree scenes of plam tree lined avenues may pass for Phoenix,. but I have not seen anything as background visuals in the show that I recogniize, do you?

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